Welcome to My Travel Diary on Dating, Men and Love!

I always have a nice cup of coffee before I write. Yum! :)

I always have a nice cup of coffee before I write. Yum! 🙂

My name is Anna Bea and I have been traveling around my home country of Brazil over the past 3 years and have made several trips to the USA. Throughout my journeys I have met too many men who could definitely use a few lessons on dating, love and relationships!

It’s so hard to find a real man these days, so in this blog I am going to talk about my dating experiences while traveling and point out the good dating advice I have seen online on expert sites like The Modern Man and on general men’s magazines like Ask Men, which I think that guys should follow to become a real man for us women.

About Me

Before we get into my dating experiences, guys, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a 29 year old native Brazilian who loves to travel. I’m five foot nine; I have slender hips, long tan legs, and full beautiful breasts. I take pride on taking very good care of myself! I am confident and easy going. I’ve been all over the world for study and pleasure, and I’m a woman who knows exactly what she wants! At this time in my life, I have great friends and a fabulous job, but there’s still one thing that eludes me: The right man.

That’s right, guys, I’m still single. It’s not for my lack of trying! I know a lot of women who are very picky about their men and who only date a certain type, but I am open to any kind of man as long as he’s a REAL man. I’ve tried online dating sites like eHarmony, but they have never introduced me to the perfect guy, at least by my standards anyhow. I’m so sick dating men who need to learn how to treat a woman, or whiney guys who need to “man up”. I have come to realize over the past few years, that there are too many men who need my help to tell them how to treat me or what to do when dating me. I’ve dated rich, poor, foreign, and small town men; I’ve dated men of all ages and backgrounds! Still, there’s one thing all of these men all have in common, they are completely clueless when it comes to women.

If you’re thinking it’s me that’s the problem, then let me assure you, I have heard the same stories from my girlfriends about their dates. Disastrous dates where the guy has no idea what to say or has no manners at all, and dates where she has to be the one to take control. Let me tell you, guys, it’s exhausting on a woman! I hate spending hours to look gorgeous for my guy only to have to be the one to make all the decisions, or make the first move. Women need guys to be the man!

I’ve been looking for Mr. Right for so long; I’m worried I’ll end up being an old woman with a lot of cats. In reality, I’m not asking for anything more than any other woman wants. We all want a man who will put us on a pedestal. We want our man to treat us with respect, to love us and desire us. We want a man who works hard and earns his pay, and then treats us to dinner and buys us flowers.

My Goal With This Travel Diary

My goal with this travel diary is to teach YOU how to be the right kind of man for HER! All women want the same thing in a relationship (even though there are different kinds of men, the basis for every successful relationship is the same). There are key things guys need to learn in order to be the man every woman is dreaming of. Even if you aren’t what women refer to as “a sex God”, you can still be the sexiest man alive if you have the right attitude. No, I don’t mean you need to dress in designer clothing or act like an arrogant jerk in order to get a girl, I mean you need to know exactly what a woman wants and when she wants it.

The trick to being a man isn’t about being bossy or being obsessive, it’s about knowing what your woman wants and then giving it to her. I’m not talking about sex either (although we’ll get into sex later); I’m talking about being the man when she needs you to. Do you know exactly when your date wants you to kiss her? Do you know how to respond when she’s looking at you from across the room? Do you know how to talk to your woman on a date without it sounding like an interview? If not, then you need my help! Think of this as manly dating “boot camp”, form a sexy woman who wants you to get the woman of YOUR dreams, too! I’m going to teach you how to be the man every woman wants…and the man I’m still dreaming of!

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